Maintenance Breakdown

A user within a company who can create and complete tasks, as well as complete tasks assigned to them and their team. They have access to limited user and location information. Can update their hours through the app. 


  • My Team’s Tasks
    • Status of tasks
  • My Open and In Progress Tasks
    • Status of tasks including opened and in progress 
    • Overview of all tasks assigned to the user


  • Filters
    • Users can filter locations by: managed, unmanaged, smart home, vacation rental, and long term rental. 
    • Users can also view more than one category at a time. 
    • Users can search locations by property name, address, and homeowner.
  • Locations 
    • Locations are listed out by street address, unit, name of the home, city, state, zip, and owners
    • Each location can be expanded to view a map/satellite view of the property, the homeowners, description, calendar for location, tasks (done and active), notes, documents, information, all checklists, bills (past and pending), and settings. 


  • Create Task
    • Allows user to create and assign tasks to locations, other users, organizations, and teams. 
    • Allows users to upload documents, such as images, to help with task comprehension as well as receipts for homeowners and accounting purposes. 
    • Allows users to send automated SMS to users and teams after a task is created. 
  • My Tasks
    • Allows user to view assigned tasks and its corresponding information including address, teams, organizations, type, due date, and updates associated with a specific task.
    • Allows users to toggle to the full page view of a specific task and update it. 
  • All Tasks
    • Allows users to view all tasks, assigned users, etc. 
    • Allows users to toggle to the full page view of a specific task and update it. 
  • Filter
    • Allows user to filter tasks by status, type, priority, teams, users, organization, and due date. 
  • Task Location/Map
    • Allows users to view tasks by location on a visual map. 
  • Task Urgency Definitions
    • Critical – Must be addressed within an hour of request
    • High – Must be done within 24 hours of the request
    • Medium – Must be done within 5 days of the request
    • Low – Must be done within a week of the request


  • Create an Organization
    • Allows users to create new organizations, add their QuickBooks ID, and Merchant ID.
  • Organization Breakdown 
    • The organization page allows users to view all organizations associated with the company. 
    • Allows user to toggle to the full page view of each organization and see/interact with their locations, notes, contacts, users, documents, and homeowners.


  • Updates
    • Tasks tied to a location (bg-info)
    • Tasks tied to organizations of location (bg-info)
    • Bookings from 3rd party booking software (bg-success)
    • Public tasks related to location (bg-primary)
  • Shows the user a calendar that can be toggled to view month, week, 3-day, and 1-day views of all activities happening with their home maintenance. 

Hours Worked

  • Create Hours Worked
    • Allows users to create and enter their hours worked as they work them 
  • Filter
    • Allows users to search for past hour entries
  • View past entries
    • Allows users to view all past entries for their own records