Homeowner Breakdown

Someone who owns a location or multiple locations within a company. Can view and request tasks associated with their location, upload documents, and view HOA/Organization documents/contact information. They have limited access to user information beyond their own. 


  • Links
    • Info
    • Calendar
    • Tasks
    • Checklists
    • Bills
    • Smart Home
    • Documents
  • Location Display
    • Displays location user is primarily associated with in the dashboard. 
    • Can be changed/updated to other locations

Home/Location Info

  • Private Information 
    • Wifi password
  • Public Information 
    • List bedrooms and bathroom/extra amenities? 
  • Users
    • Lists every user associated with your property and their contact information
  • Organizations
    • Lists all the organizations who directly service your property. 
  • Edit
    • Allows you to edit your housing information, both private and public. 


  • Opened
    • Allows users to see open, yet to be completed tasks and their projects
  • Completed 
  • Outlines the log of past, completed tasks. 
  • Allows users to view documents from completed tasks
  • Allows users to see maintenance tasks they didn’t specifically request 
  • Allows users to search past queries
  • Billed
    • Allows user to view bills for completed tasks
  • Create Request
  • Allows you to create a formal request for service in your home as well as upload images of issues.


  • Upload Documents
    • Allows users to view all documents associated with their property and upload more. 


  • Categories
    • Allows users to view bills by category and organization
  • Unpaid
    • Allows user to view unpaid bills and make payments
    • Allows users to search unpaid bills for their records
  • Paid
    • Allows users to view past, paid bills 
    • Allows users to search past bills for their records


  • Gives users the option to view their organization’s various property maintenance checklists


  • Homeowner Calendar
    • Events tied to a location (bg-info)
    • Events tied to organizations of location (bg-info)
    • Bookings from 3rd party booking software (bg-success)
    • Public tasks related to location (bg-primary)
  • Shows the user a calendar that can be toggled to view month, week, 3-day, and 1-day views of all activities happening with their home maintenance. 
  • Will it show event calendars for their HOA? 

Smart Home

Change Location

  • Choose Location View
    • Allows users to change what home information they are viewing in the homeowner portal