COOP: Release Notes

Coop 1.0.15


  • UI fixes for overlaying text in the Homeowner Portal
  • Repairs to broken image links
  • Task filter repairs
  • General app maintenance for faster performance

Coop 1.0.14


  • Streamline API link repaired
  • Removed unnecessary “save & send” button in the edit user form
  • Homeowner task creation form fixed
  • Maintenance now able to duplicate task

What’s New

  • Display company logo in-app
  • Task updated email created
  • Quick billable edits now available for task updates
  • Date filter added to accounting interface
  • Task description character limit increased

Coop 1.0.13


  • Users can now delete images from location documents
  • “In Progress” option added to the dropdown menu
  • Homeowners with multiple homes can now change location
  • Organization required when creating a location

What’s New

  • Task update email sent to homeowners
  • Calendar times start at 7 AM
  • Documents in management can now be deleted
  • Accounting can now:
    • Download reports to excel
    • See universal bread crumb
    • Export task update report as a CSV file
    • Add approved task status for billing

Coop 1.0.12

What’s New

  • Maintenance task update form displays a task title & location
  • Homeowners can now view task updates in their portal
  • Only locations in the assigned organization can be associated with a task.
  • Task type icons added to calendar view


  • No longer require QuickBooks information when creating an organization or when adding a location to an organization.
  • Fixed faulty “cancel” button in hours worked page
  • Added cursor to mobile app text boxes

Coop 1.0.11

What’s New
  • Employee time logging. Maintenance users can now log their work hours.
  • Homeowners can now view their checklist within a task.
  • Added colors to dashboard cards.
  • Updated task message email.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed maintenance dashboard to only show open tasks.
  • Fixed sorting of task columns.
  • Fixed date and time conversions for events to use event address timezone.

Coop 1.0.10

What’s New
  • Added notes and descriptions to organizations.
  • Added complete task button to task update form.
  • Users can now view files attached to notes.
  • Added icons next to task title.
  • Removed status changes from task updates they are now logged separatly.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed maintenance dashboard to only show users tasks.
  • Fixed dashboard counts not matching task list counts.
  • Fixed large file upload.
  • Fixed duplicate tasks being created.

Coop 1.0.9

What’s New
  • Added total counts to task filters.
  • Added homeowners to locations list.
  • Added 3 day calendar view in maintenance portal.
  • Users are emailed when task messages are added.
  • Added counts to task filters.
  • Added documents to location notes.
  • Added paid status to tasks.
  • Added task status change dates to task view.
  • Removed due date as required field to tasks
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed my account in homeowner portal.
  • Various page load optimizations.
  • Fixed list of users in task users filter
  • Made all task list columns searchable