Monthly Release Notes for April 2019

Coop 1.0.11

What’s New
  • Employee time logging. Maintenance users can now log their work hours.
  • Homeowners can now view their checklist within a task.
  • Added colors to dashboard cards.
  • Updated task message email.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed maintenance dashboard to only show open tasks.
  • Fixed sorting of task columns.
  • Fixed date and time conversions for events to use event address timezone.

Coop 1.0.10

What’s New
  • Added notes and descriptions to organizations.
  • Added complete task button to task update form.
  • Users can now view files attached to notes.
  • Added icons next to task title.
  • Removed status changes from task updates they are now logged separatly.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed maintenance dashboard to only show users tasks.
  • Fixed dashboard counts not matching task list counts.
  • Fixed large file upload.
  • Fixed duplicate tasks being created.